Alex & Drew

A jewelry designer and filmmaker tied the knot in an outdoor California-cool wedding celebration in Laguna Beach with the assistance of event planner Brooke Keegan. The couple went for a laidback yet ethereal atmosphere with a neutral wedding color palette.

Christy & Brian

Christy would marry the man of her dreams–the one who had supported her ever since the concept of a bridal boutique was nothing more than an idea. “Brian and I both met at [my previous] work at a tech company. We were friends for about a year and always ended up at the same shows in San Francisco. Ironically enough, we sparked up a conversation at a mutual friend’s wedding!” Christy recalls, laughing. “I told him I would set him up with a few cute girlfriends, but as the weekend progressed, we ended up falling for each other, and we’ve ...

Kelsey & Cole

Art enthusiasts Kelsey and Cole first met in Miami Beach, Florida during a chance meeting at Art Basel—an exciting week-long exhibition that brings the international art world together to showcase the highest quality of modern and contemporary works of art. After returning to Los Angeles, they scheduled a studio visit that turned into dinner and drinks. That evening, they both discoverd that they were scheduled to attend the same luncheon and dinner on the following day, and immediately made plans to hang out. “After the luncheon, we went to the Soho House West Hollywood to kill time before that evening’s ...

Callista & Jonathan

Callista and Jonathan’s intimate wedding began with 35 guests traveling from 12 different states to the coastal Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California where the couple planned a cozy weekend getaway replete with the most amazing details. Guests arrived at their hotel rooms to find custom wooden boxes filled with local and artisanal provisions to get them through the weekend, including Carmel Valley honey, locally-crafted Anchor Brewing Company beer, and a set of forks labeled “For Later.” After check-in, Callista & John hosted a welcome reception where they gifted individual chocolate almond cherry cakes—individually hand-painted with each guest’s name ...

Alisha & Brian

It all started on a bus: the Muni #41 bus in San Francisco, to be exact. Both Midwest natives, Alisha (or Ali) and Brian lived a block away from each other in San Francisco’s quaint neighborhood of Russian Hill. That fateful morning, Brian spotted Ali and decided to sit next to her on the bus. Halfway through the commute—on a sardine-packed bus—he mustered up the courage to spark a conversation. A simple Midwestern greeting of “Hello” was the beginning of this San Francisco love story.

Kristine & Kenneth

When Kristine and Kenneth were little, they lived only eight miles apart from each other, across from the Hudson River (Ken lived in Fair Lawn, New Jersey; Kristine in Riverdale, New York). It would take them nearly two decades before the stars aligned for them to meet. After being introduced by mutual friends, the two hit it off, sharing stories from their childhood and making new memories in the Big Apple.

Rebecca & Michael

Whether you are looking to tie the knot or indulge after the wedding, there’s a spot that definitely needs to be on the top of your list. Nestled in the foothills of the Rhaetian Alps is perhaps one of Italy’s most picturesque destinations—Lake Como, the most scenic of the region’s three major lakes and just an hour north of Milan. Along the western shore of Lake Como is the small village of Ossuccio, home to the exquisite Villa Balbiano, a unique and elegant palazzo whose period heritage permeates its thick stone walls. Built by Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio at the end ...

Nésa & Joe

Nésa, who works at the Business Roundtable as a new creative entrepreneur, and Joe, a public policy manager for Google, were introduced through social media in the spring of 2012. In that same summer, the couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance fueled by their mutual love of food, mystery novels, New York City, and the discovery of two completely different cultures. To celebrate their first Independence Day together, the couple made reservations at a high-end restaurant. However, en route to dinner, Nésa confessed that she was craving a steak and cheese sandwich from a local gas station. “At first, I thought ...

Wilhelmina & Dan

As you prepare for your wedding day, you may find yourself ‘pinning’ images to your Pinterest board or snapping a picture for Instagram. The prevalence of social media often means that today’s brides have a plethora of resources at the tip of her fingers. As such, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the entire process of planning for your special day. Our advice is to keep it simple by personalizing your wedding design to reflect your own unique preferences.