Jenny & Taylor

Jenny & Taylor

Jenny & Taylor

Kamas, Utah

Sparks instantly flew when Jenny and Taylor first met at a business conference in Las Vegas. They both worked for the same company, however in different locations—Jenny was based in Chicago, Illinois; Taylor in San Francisco, California. Over the next couple of months (and a dozen or so Skype sessions later), Jenny received the news that she would be transferred to the San Francisco office; a move that also set the stage for their first official date at Don Pistos, a festive spot serving up delicious Mexican street food in the city’s historic North Beach neighborhood. When they finally started dating, their romance ensued with long walks through the city, chatting for hours on end and sharing their dreams with each other. It wasn’t until a trip to the annual Coachella Music Festival that Jenny—raised in a family of entrepreneurs—was inspired to start her own distillery, a revelation that would entail having her and Taylor move to her hometown of Chicago. Even greater than the excitement he had for their new adventure together, Taylor was more than supportive of Jenny’s desire to pursue her dream. Soon, the couple found themselves taking a cross-country road trip from the city by the bay to the windy city of Chicago. It would take nearly a year before Jenny opened up the doors to Rhine Hall, a family distillery that she started with her father. But one month before the public opening of her business, and shortly after bringing home their first puppy, Jenny underwent a major knee surgery in the middle of one of the worst winters in the city. Taylor’s selflessness and dedication to Jenny during this trying time made a lasting impression; one that didn’t make her hesitate one bit when he asked her to spend the rest of his life with him a year later. The highest peaks in Utah lie at the northeastern portion of the state where the tracks of wild moose and dense forests of Gambel oak and Engelmann spruce line the wilderness that occupies the foothills of the Uinta Mountains—the only major contiguous mountain range in the United States that spans an east-west orientation over 460,000 acres of land. The area´s diverse geographical landscape comprised of deep ridges and scenic glacial basins alongside thousands of lakes and streams made it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts like Jenny and Taylor. The couple chose High Star Ranch—nestled at the base of the Uintas Mountains in Kamas, Utah and located half-way between their families (Jenny’s folks are from Illinois; Taylor’s are from California)—as the ideal venue to kick off their wedding celebration. 

“I used the oak-aged apple brandy we currently make at Rhine Hall and filled it in 2 oz. glass bottles that was branded with our wedding logo and contained an explanation [attached to it],” Jenny explains 


  • photography LEO PATRONE 
  • design & planning BLUEBIRD EVENT DESTINATION
  • floral design SARAH WINWARD 
  • bride´s gown BERTA 
  • bride´s shoes JIMMY CHOO 
  • groom´s suit SUIT SUPPLY
  • rentals DIAMONDS

The tables had vibrant hot pink and rusty red centerpieces (Jenny loves extra bright pinks contrasted with vibrant blues), accented by smaller arrangements of bright blue delphinium in mixed copper and gold containers,” notes floral designer Sarah Winward. On the head table, Winward and her team created elevated arrangements out of vines that floated above the table on delicate gold stands. Blue porcelain vine trailed between all of the flowers and candles on the tables. Around each tent pole, there were wild vine wreaths draped with blue and purple delphinium.

Returning to Singapore, one of the more resolutely fascinating cities I have ever been to. Our host, Lee on the photo will be our companion during all our trip.

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